No Ordinary Day

no ordinary day.
shot some zombies.
listened for hidden patterns in my air-conditioner’s hum.
heels itching.
nowhere to go.
donned my cracked denim w/ the patch near the toe.
shoot some pool?
shuffle cards?
a cup of capp or venti frapp?
john mayer.
snow patrol.
ludwig van beethoven.
vincent daffalong.
padesal kape’t itlog (it’s pakaplog!)
one of these things is not like the others:
roxanne guinoo,
angelica panganiban,
jocelyn oxlade,
strong caffeine.
twisted german biscuits.
black-rocked steak.
italian fare.
seaside wall.
bakit ako sinisisi mo?
hello there.
goodbye there.
sorry, i hafta be somehwere.
wasn’t expecting a message.
hoping we’d share a call.
i saw your beach foto, that’s all.
flannel shirt.
winter’s close.
nursing a slight fever.
all alone.
to swig or not to swig?
that’s always the question, aint it.
thank you lord for this no ordinary day.

(birthday rantings)

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