Like Waking Up To a Fresh Cup of Coffee: The Reader Appreciation Award

I WAS ABOUT to turn in the other night when I received a lovely comment from The Audacious Amateur Blogger or “J” – not her real name – of the delectably irreverent I am an Afterschool Special nominating me for the Reader Appreciation Award.  My reaction was that of pleasant surprise.  J just made my day (it was in the wee hours of the morning)!  I mean, being nominated for an award is one of the two most exciting thoughts a person could ever bring to bed.  Right?
J lives up to her sobriquet, The Audacious Amateur Blogger. Who can ignore self-deprecating humor such as “I cuss like a sailor and have the mouth (and mind) of a dirty old man” or her “explicit” serial “Sex Hiatus: an experiment.”  Her prose is as fresh as a daisy and her criticism as blunt as a nun’s c___t, so to speak (Where do I get these idioms? Am I reading too much Kyle Mew?).  In any case, if you’re looking to read something honest, crafty and riveting, then you need to check out her blog here:

Thank you so much, J!  I am sincerely honored by your nomination and will be more than glad to pass the love on to other deserving bloggers.  I am truly looking forward to read the rest of your posts, both old and forthcoming.  Sorry for the wee bit of delay as this came at such a busy time at the office :)

The rules of this nomination:

  1. Identify and show appreciation of the blogger who awarded you. DONE
  2. You must add the award logo to your blog. DONE
  3. Tell your readers 7 things about yourself.
  4. You must nominate 5-10 of your favorite bloggers for this award.
  5. Inform your nominees that you nominated them.

Okay, 7 trivial facts about me:

  1. I don’t consider myself a WRITER because I was never formally schooled in writing (my course was Marketing) and I direly need my own personal editor due to my careless and disorganized writing habits.  But I have written practically everything: short stories, poems, plays, fiction novels (one and a half; for personal consumption only), essays, advertising/marketing copy, technical literature, annual reports, press releases and corporate feature stories.  My writing is so diverse that I fear I’ll never be good at any one writing discipline.
  2. I am, by nature, shy, an introvert and absolutely terrified of public speaking.  I once sweated down to my pants giving a business lecture to an ultra-exclusive girl’s college class (the concept of 40 gorgeous ladies looking at me all at the same time is simply beyond my acceptable public speaking parameters :p).  However, my career path is towards PR, Advertising and Marketing, which require me to do a LOT of public speaking, hosting and emceeing chores.  So there’s a little bit of Jekyll and Hyde thing going on in this brain of mine.
  3. My most recent obsession is to get my economy airline ticket upgraded to First/Business class for FREE whenever I travel.  So far, my score is 2 upgrades out of 3 conscious tries.  If I get 3 out of 4, I’ll share my little secret in one of my future posts.
  4. My parents and High School Guidance Counselor once thought I was of genius material.  They prodded me, poked me and gave me actual job application exams to answer at the age of 13 (which I didn’t mind). My university grades later changed their perception.
  5. I almost died of glomerulonephritis at the age of 5.
  6. I gave up my first love, basketball, because of a girl.  I later took up writing because of a girl.  Tit-for-tat.
  7. I can’t seem to find the wherewithal to write about my father who died nearly 3 years ago. A few days after he passed, we found a box that contained all my old report cards, basketball medals, trophies, published writings and other personal memorabilia.  I never thought he’d read a single thing I’ve written or cared about my chosen sport. I was wrong. For 3 years I’ve tried many times to write about him.  I’m still trying.  I miss him.

My nominations, which I think are very well deserved (in no particular order):

  1. Christina of reconstructingchristina.  Her truly inspiring story is that of love, hope and overcoming terrible loss as well as seemingly insurmountable odds.  Christina captures all these beautifully in her blog and in such a way that every reader will root for her and want to be part of her “team.” Also, behind the blog is a beautiful person whose enthusiasm and sincerity are way beyond words.
  2. Single Again.  Another inspirational blog, yet her stories are often cheerful, charming and bright.  Her posts, in her words, “swing randomly between sanity and non-existence” but are infectious and sometimes possess strength of character via sub-text.  This one’s a ray of sunshine at WordPress.
  3. [thoughts of a lunatic].  This lady is a brilliant writer. Her entries are refreshing, darkly funny and very witty.  Her “twisted” logic instantly gets the prezellogic seal of approval.  But make no mistake about it, she has, without a doubt, a beautiful mind. “If you follow me, the kitten lives,” her blog says.  She was Freshly-Pressed recently, winning hordes of new followers I’m sure. Indeed, the Lord works in mysterious ways.
  4. Letizia of reading interrupted.  She reads books all the time.  The depth of her reading materials and knowledge about words, accomplished authors and their milieu amaze me.  It is, therefore, not surprising that Letizia herself writes such effortless and compelling prose. Book lovers need not look anywhere else; this is the blog to read.
  5. Tammy of Life and all Things Love.  Ah, I turn green with envy whenever I see  organized and flawless writing.  Tammy’s clarity, pinpoint choice of words and no-nonsense style make her posts utterly delightful and rewarding reads.  I can’t recommend her blog enough.

I limited my nominations to a minimum knowing that there are many other equally deserving bloggers from the roster of blogs I follow.  Somehow, and ironically so, nominating more also means missing out on more names, if you know what I mean.  So there…

31 thoughts on “Like Waking Up To a Fresh Cup of Coffee: The Reader Appreciation Award

  1. Thanks for nominating me, I am so very behind in responding to the wonderful awards I’ve been nominated for that I’m starting to feel like a hoarder. But it is so very appreciated. :)


  2. 1. Congratulations! yay!
    2. thanks for the nomination, double yay!
    3. Hope the condition in your ‘7 things about me’ point no. 3 happens soon (cud use a free upgrade :P)
    4. Had to look up glomerulonephritis. Oh my..u r a strong one, aren’t ya? big hug for fighting it! Yay x gazillion! :D

    P.S: ray of sunshine!!!! :D (with pink cheeks now..teehee, blink blink)


    • lol. somebody has gotten well today. hope you’ve fully recovered.

      congratulations on your well deserved nomination! to do #3, i need to do it one more time. For #4 (and also related to my latest post), i’ve got to survive. otherwise, who will slip the wad of toilet paper?


  3. CONGRATS!!! You deserve it and I’m not even surprised! Very interesting facts!

    1. If this is the case, I think you have us all fooled!
    2. Ditto! Why do people think I’d be great in front of a camera is beyond me!
    3. Do share and you’ll be my best friend! ;)
    4. I think there is a genius waiting for the perfect timing to pop out!
    P.S. I use to FAIL in English! Then my English teacher, who saw something in me, too me aside during recess and gave me extra lessons! After that, I received the highest grades in English (and Art) for every year! Sometimes others see things we don’t see in ourselves!
    5. YAY! for overcoming it! So happy you’re still around! :D
    6. That’s so romantic and I think you scored a billion points (and hearts) for that one! ;)
    7. Sorry to hear the news. I think one day, when you least expect it, you’ll find the words.

    Thanks for sharing about yourself! You are very interesting and enjoyable to get to know! =D


    • thank you for the funny and kind comments! :) if i hit 75% on that ticket upgrade then i’ll be sure it’s worth sharing. i only do that on long flights, say, 4 hours or more. yeah, i do hope i’ll find the words someday…soon. thanks, again!


  4. Congratulations! :) I am sincerely truly honored you would share this with me…in a group of such talent and amazingness (is that a word? ;p ). Thank you good sir, I shall endevor to uphold the image with which you have most graciously bestowed upon me and my humble blog :D


        • P.S. I always love love love reading someone’s 7 things…gonna have to work on mine lol, already done it a few times in the last few months. How does one share everything and stay mysterious? Conundrum! ;)

          Oh, and for what it’s worth…what ever brought you to writing I for one am oh so glad (and others too from what I see on your comments)…so keep writing!! Hugs ~


          • i know you would have written maybe 35 things about yourself by now ;) how to stay mysterious? just cut your “About” pic in half, hehe :p

            thanks so much and hope you’d continue reading too :) hugs!


            • L O L !!!! Cut my about pic in half….now where have I seen that before….hmmmm…. ;) Suurre, now you tell me. I just changed my pic too haha! :p

              Yep, I will keep reading…you have me addicted ;) And fyi…I need a fix (hint hint)…


              • haha… nice gravatar xtina! will try to do some TCC updates soon. i could use some caffeine myself. no cup o’ capp this time. i need a double espresso frap! i should have taken a pic of this girl at starbucks who took the venti glass with my name. it was a mix up. would have been good TCC material though.


                • Aww….how sad! Seriously, I would be upset if someone took my latte…though they’d probably choke on it haha. I’m the only one I’ve ever met who likes it that way :D !!

                  I will be looking forward to the next installment… most anticipatiously! ;) Ode to the missing cup o’capp? hehe

                  Thank you…re: the pic….I thought yeah, new me…new pic! ;)


  5. Congratulations! The thing I like best about the people who accept the nominations is in finding out more really interesting things about them! Shy and introvert I’m having trouble visualizing however since I personally always hated “public speaking” or having a camera (as in live feed) on me I guess I get it. Maybe! You are quite the word master however and do exceedingly well with the written word. I enjoyed your post today. :)


  6. Thank you for your lovely, kind words! All the more touching coming from such a talented writer such as yourself! I will now finish sipping my tea while exploring the other blogs you mentioned :)


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