Two Songs

I HAVE A thing for women who sing very well, especially in live performances. Charlotte O’Connor is one of them. Shine On has the melodic signatures of Adele, Nelly Furtado and Sarah McLachlan (she shares the same writers with the first two), but Charlotte, I believe, raises the bar by deftly and stylishly getting through the difficult notes of the song in this memorable live video I found here at WordPress.


Do you love the girl or just the coffee shop?

27 thoughts on “Two Songs

  1. Wow…yes…just wow! I loved both!! I hadn’t heard either one before…just closed my eyes, cranked the volume, and let the music take me to that place only really great music can take you….what a most enjoyable journey!! Sweet escape indeed….quite serendipitous today. Thank you Neil, for sharing these gems! Hugs ~

    P.S. I would love to see the Thanks for Writing Award (at least) along with the IBeLOnG one here (hint, hint) :D !!


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