36 thoughts on “Nothing Sexier

  1. What! High heels are fatal in the kitchen. What with all the running around, cooking oil spillage, water, flour and what not (yeah my kitchen can get messy) you’ll end up with a dead cook! Now serving food in high heels well…that could be arranged.


  2. For some reason I read this post as: there is nothing scarier than a woman cooking in heels and I was all confused looking at those fabulous legs and the coy, (but inviting just enough) pose. I’ve worked it out now. Nice. .


    • i see where you’re coming from j :) that’s the reason why i avoided the words “wife” or “partner” or “girlfriend” or “cooking dinner for me/you.” if a man says gemma arterton is sexy, women should not feel any pressure to look like the actress. for me, any working woman (why would she cook dinner in high heels otherwise) who takes charge in preparing food for herself, her friends or her special someone is indeed, as you put it, very HOT! :)


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