pretzellogic’s Friday Five (1)

Thought I’d post 5 of my favorite songs every Friday. Each week will feature a different genre. I need to thank Kori of Life, Love & Lyricality for introducing me to such a wonderful weekly music list concept.

This week is a mixed bag of alternative rock, acoustic indie and pop.

– pretzellogic

28 thoughts on “pretzellogic’s Friday Five (1)

  1. Hi. I guess I’m almost a year late. I was looking for some update on Tom Wolfe the guy that sings and plays all the instruments for Buva. Anyway, he (Buva) is awesome. My favorite song of his is Be Good to Yourself. I’m about to see if you posted anymore of these lists…I hope so! Thanks


    • thanks for your comment, rob. i think i wrote about tom wolfe/buva in one of my posts here (or was it in another blog).i like Be Good to Yourself too. he’s an amazing songwriter huh.


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  3. Oh! Major brownie points, you’re officially off the limited taste list!! That is a fantastic Sterophonics tune, one of my favourites. I must admit, I hadn’t heard of Buva until now so thanks-not bad! Great line up this week. Now I have some bands to check out over the weekend. Have a good one =)


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