56 thoughts on “Deepest Black (My Pretzel Logic II)

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  3. Hi Neil.
    I picked your link up off Christinas blog.
    What can I say that hasn’t already been said except this gets better each time I watch it.
    Great video, great tune and great words that all fit together so well,perfectly complementing each other.
    Thank you for posting this. :-)


  4. Reblogged this on Single Again and commented:
    When you know..you have but one shot at life…don’t wait any longer…reach out, soar…breathe…
    Thanks Neil ..from the bottom of my heart! :) XO!


  5. Thank you

    This material is breath taking , I feel I can conquer my dreams by the way you have inspired me by your previous material now I’m working on animated poetry

    I feel your passion to inspire in this video
    especially when you see good qualities
    In those your connected to and care for
    But some have given up and might not try

    But you did and changed the course of history for others like me , thank you.


  6. This is SO beautiful, Neil. Your words are so inspiring but you also have such an amazing talent for knowing how to integrate them into images and music. Really moving. Wow. :)


  7. Wow, I really needed this today! Thank you so much. (On, perhaps a more trivial note, I really thought that stone on the path was really big, so when the guy bent over and picked it up in his fingers i was a bit freaked out!!)


    • haha! the stone never struck me that way. i thought about using the line “plant the seeds of a smile and let it be rock” but it was just a stone :D optical illusion i guess. glad to have changed your day for the better. i had fun editing too :)


  8. Reblogged this on reconstructingchristina and commented:
    Sometimes…you hear music that moves you…
    Sometimes…you read something that touches you…
    Sometimes…you see something that effects you as nothing has before…
    Sometimes…all three come together and you feel it in your soul…making you cry with a kaleidoscope of emotion…
    This video by Neil…was all three for me…
    You Sweet Sir…are brilliant…it is with total admiration that I reblog this…
    Thank you so so much for sharing this!!


  9. Neil….you have surpassed yourself….

    I’m speechless….this actually made me cry…I felt it…every…single….word…

    Speechless and in total admiration of you sweet sir….

    (Happy early birthday!!!)


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  11. This is amazing Neil. So moving and powerful. Your birthday is coming up? I’m greeting you in advance just in case I won’t be online on the 13th. Happy birthday. :-) This inspirational poem and video reminded of something I read about the millennial generation. So many wonderful things I can say about this short film. Great editing, acting, soundtrack. It’s just beautiful I am running out of adjectives. Thanks for sharing. :-)


    • thank you, thank you, jofelyn! yes, it’s on the 13th. i can’t agree more that the jubafilms footage and soundtrack are excellent. guilty of laying my own words over the awesome original voice over. appreciate the comment and the greetings! :)


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