i love this alane rollings poem so much that i had to dig it from my archives and reblog it.

My Pretzel Logic

Three years ago, I stumbled upon this brilliant poem.  Written by a relative unknown, it’s breathtaking imagery lingered long enough that it became the inspiration for “For Loss of Words (Sit Beside Me Still).”

Light Years and Love Lost in the Oleanders
By Alane Rollings

Does my voice reach you? You are
as silent as a star and as incompanionable.
And I have done my research on these things.
I have spent many hours with the delicate turquoise amphibians
who live under sundials. They outnumbered me.
I was barely in touch with the sky, then.
I spent my days waiting for that one bit of good news
that would turn my life around.
You. Your charms, your hesitations. No one needs to tell me
how well everyone remembers you.
But have I told you about my arms, my half-healed embraces?
The disarray of my life is no longer too personal…

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