I SEE HER for what she is — uneven, a runaway three-line poetry.  Lesser minds have plunged her depths only to break the surface with questioning faces.  All these years they never understood for they saw her differently, an odd number in the realm of pairs and parallelisms. She was often measured, but in their eyes she never rhymed.  Her posture recited no theme, her voice sang no song.  In the company of tall tales and verbose prose, she fell short of how they wanted her to be — like a radiant flowing verse in a river that rises and fades with the tides.  I still crave for the right word to define her meaning.  She has defined mine.

But I will hold on to her poetry for as long as these aching bones and weary heart will allow.  I will hold on to her even when I know she will never fill me the way others can, because every word she speaks justifies my being.  My fibers ache to be emblazoned by her name, her brazen self, and dream that history will read her for what she is and not for what she ought to have become.  Help them read between the lines.

tumblr_m8lxpb3whE1qzol82o1_1280 copy

Indeed, all that’s good in life is brief and apart, like the prominent lines of the heart of a poem, disjointed yet mysteriously connected, defining and, therefore, expectedly alone.  What the heart pours into words and when words turn into sword, she will never bleed to my sharp edges.

I see her for what she is to me.  She is my Alpha and my Omega, my quiet night and my glorious day.  She is the sunshine on my shoulders, the rain on my hair, my seasons of the year.  And with all the labors of her birth and rendition, I bear the scars of her completion.

For she is forever my haiku, my 5-7-5.  And I, the paper that enfolds her.

(for a most beautiful rose)


53 thoughts on “5-7-5

  1. First: hey, you’re back!

    Second: lovely writing. I think the haiku is one of the better forms of poetic structures.

    I like how you used 5-7-5 as your title. Some emotions are better conveyed through numbers.


    • thank you for nice lil comment and for reading 5-7-5. yes, i’m back for some posting hopefully. let’s see where this goes.

      although i’ve never really written one, i am fascinated by the depth & mystery of the haiku. they sing to me.


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    • i really appreciate the comment, taylor. i am sure somebody appreciates you as much (or even more). some choose to express it verbally, some through writing. cheers! – neil


  3. The appropriate word here is “breathless” – N, The specific meaning: Short of breath or appearing this way because of excitement or other strong feelings! Your words indicative of breathlessness. Sums it up nicely I think, Penny


  4. “I see her for what she is” *sigh* … and a 5-7-5 nonetheless ;)
    “Help them read between the lines” ~
    Wow… I sense a deep love and yearning devotion here…
    Just beautiful writing pretzellogic ~ Bravo my friend :) x RL


        • congratulations! it must have been tough. in my case, having a close friend who lives in the same apartment building and rides in the same car with me every working day and smokes a lot does not make this any easier. i really appreciate what you’re saying. i’ll keep your success in mind as i give another go.


          • My partner at the time refused to give up smoking so it was very tough. And I failed many times previously before I finally succeeded. I actually went to my Dr and we came up with a plan and I had support from her. You will do it when you are ready :)


  5. *swoon* bittersweet and lovely as always.

    I’ve been meaning to ask you, where do you get the gorgeous photos you post with your work? Are they yours? Or are you just much more talented at google image searches than I am? Either way, I’m jealous.


    • lol. most are courtesy of my excellent scrounging abilities, while very few are mine. i hope the name of the sources of those i scrounge are still embedded in the photos as i intended. i am lazy sometimes but i do my best :)


      • Awesomesauce. Might a girl be able to convince you to scrounge on her behalf once in a while? *amb bats her eyelashes*

        Lol, don’t worry, I don’t have anything specific in mind at the moment. I’m just planning for when I get a really good WoW Friday quote and want to be all artistic about it ;)


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