Songs I Sing in the Shower. Well, Except One.

Snow Patrol

THIS IS MY part of the deal with gorgeous Julia Linn. I loved the songs she posted regularly in her blog and eventually we thought swapping playlists would be cool.  Needless to say, she beat me silly with her awesome and diverse selection. I mean, how can you top the Rolling Stones’ “Start Me Up” or Tupac’s “Changes”?

I’d have to agree that one playlist is not enough. I rocked hard during my teens, but I’m hard-pressed to choose heavy songs that I liked for this batch. So what I included here are mostly recent songs (in music, “recent” is a very relative term) with a few “oldies.” The guitar is my favored instrument so naturally guitar-driven songs will comprise the bigger slice of the pie. Snow Patrol’s Gary Lightbody is my long-time idol, hence, they get 2 songs here. So does the Norwegian tandem that is Kings of Convenience (watch out for Erlend’s dance steps in I’d Rather Dance With You).

There are a thousand songs in my iPad playlist and they span countless genres. But here’s what’s at the top of my head — songs that I enjoy listening to or played before. Pardon me if some of them stick out like sore thumbs.


Poor Boy – Mat Kearney
I’d Rather Dance With You – Kings of Convenience
She Makes Me Fall Down – Buva
Comin’ Home
– City and Colour (thanks to wittyburg)
Coffee Girl – The Tragically Hip
If You’re Never Gonna Move (110%) – Jessie Ware (just love that bass line)
Let Go (Frou Frou Cover) – Cass Lowe; warning: this may cause ear-fatigue, volume down
When I’m Done – Frank Ocean
Could You Be the One – Stereophonics
Chocolate – Snow Patrol
Ultraviolet – Stiff Dylans
My Place – Nelly
Devastation – Omarion
Big Yellow Taxi – Counting Crows
Use Somebody – Kings of Leon
Falling – Little Children (thanks, julia)
Covered in Rain – John Mayer (one of my favorite guitar solos)
Sparks – Coldplay
Mrs. Cold – Kings of Convenience
You’re All I Have – Snow Patrol

Looking forward to Part 2.


23 thoughts on “Songs I Sing in the Shower. Well, Except One.

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  2. Mmm, Matt Kearney. And, yay for Canadian content! So glad you’re (virtually) hanging out with Julia – she obviously inspires you! Add my name to the list of people looking forward to round two :)


    • yay then for C&C’s dallas green and the tragically hip! and how did i forget RUSH and the great namesake neil peart?? i do respect and admire music lovers, having had a memorable albeit short and rather obscure stint in the local music circuit. certainly looking forward to # 2.


  3. Listening to “I’d Rather Dance With You: ~ this is fun :) – than you! Can use some new music selections – this was a very generous post!! Looking forward to exploring more ~ x RL


  4. Reblogged this on Julia Linn and commented:
    Im so glad to wake up to this post! I been really looking forward to this exchange and Im thrilled only by the look of this playlist!
    Im already singing some of the songs (cause I never heard of some so I have to learn them first) and they all will absolutely go in to my playlist.

    Thank you so much for sharing your music, you rock!
    Im already looking forward to part 2….


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