Will You Dance With Me?

TODAY ISN’T exactly a good day. We’re moving to a new office. That means an extra 12.5 mile drive. They say the new office will be better but not necessarily bigger. I’d say bigger is better. I will miss my old room, which exudes a scent of pretzels by the way, as well as its close proximity to malls and coffee shops. Another claim is the new office will serve all types of hot brew. That remains to be seen.

Today isn’t exactly a good day — ergo, a perfect day to don the headphones and drown myself with some PL music. I’d caffeine myself, indulge in this Kings of Convenience Remix and put on the groove.

Will anybody dance with me? Please?

(running on empty)

PS – And what do you know, I even take requests! Talk to me, dance with me, Daile…

28 thoughts on “Will You Dance With Me?

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  2. I thought you’d never ask! ;) hehe I would love to dance with you!!! That is assuming you have any energy left after all your previous partners lol! I hope the move is good and when you’re settled I shall send some virtual pretzels and an exquisite brew to you…


  3. The title of this post reminds me of the Hot Hot Heat song – Talk to Me, Dance With Me – which is one of my favourites to pick me up from a bad mood! As it seems you have enough dancers to Kings of Convenience, I request Hot Hot Heat for our dance!


  4. If dancing with you, will bring you happiness and refill your gas tank, then I will dance all night long! Then, we will enjoy some wonderful aromatic brews…yes, this sounds like fun!


  5. They say there’ s the light in the end of the tunnel…let’ s hope this will be also in your case. Especially when it is about coffee and pretzels. :)
    PS: With pleasure, Neil!


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