The Caffeine Chronicles and Dancing the Night Away

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I HAD THE night of my life earlier dancing with blogger friends Ese, Alastair, Yashie, Amber, Daile and Christina, along with a few others. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for having the guts (and the balls, Alastair) to go out of your way just to humor me during my little shindig last night. You have no idea how I enjoyed every minute of it. The music is still playing and the dance floor still open as far as I’m concerned and I will be thinking of each and every one of you as i do another round of Cornelius and Hot Hot Heat tonight.

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“But I am learning now the language of care or waking.  I could never live there with you because there are pieces in myself that do not fit and yet are also mine.  I am stranger to myself than you will ever know: how my skin pores dream the ancient languages while my braincells protest the ill logic of its structuring; how my eyes stream with unlived grief while my hands shape the sounds of the moaning, gnashing sea in me.” — from The Caffeine Chronicles

I will be reposting old The Caffeine Chronicles entries in the next days. I’ll be adding more pictures and will be editing/rewriting some of them (especially the middle entries) in preparation for future TCC posts I have started to write. I plan to devote some quality time to the anthology and hope to reach at least 30 entries by next year. To those who have already read TCC, I apologize in advance for the reposts. And to those who have not read the first 8 or 9 entries yet, I will be delighted if you could do so as I post them and will be glad to receive your feedback, which will help me decide how to shape the future of the anthology. Lastly, I will be honored to feature a few guest entries in TCC, so I hope you won’t mind if I approach some of you soon.

“My friends tell me I smile for all the wrong reasons.
Most of the time, I really do for no reason at all.
Maybe I was born with a stupid smirk on my face.
But whenever I walk into this cafe,
and wander into her perfect world,
this meaningless smile is a noun
wanting to become verb.”

— from The Caffeine Chronicles

Much love,
My Pretzel Logic


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