Not That Kind of Love Poem (A Reading of “5-7-5”)

5-7-5 (you can find the full poem here) was written with a girl in mind. Last night, something happened. I merged Christina’s audio reading of the poem with a photo of a boy and some background music. The result was something unintentional yet wonderfully and indescribably different. I will never see 5-7-5 the same way again.

For mothers who know, live and breathe unconditional love.


PS: A trillion thanks to Christina Gregory for this 3rd collaboration.

*You might want to don those earphones to hear the achingly beautiful theme from the movie Definitely, Maybe.

25 thoughts on “Not That Kind of Love Poem (A Reading of “5-7-5”)

  1. I right like this, in fact it is a clever change of perspective you employ. You two are a great collaborative pair, I’m sure there is loads more to come…not that I’m rushing you or owt.


  2. Neil don’t you think we never really fall “out” of love although we claim to. Is that what you mean? In knowing her there will always be love? It isn’t “that kind” anymore. I can’t make out the last line well she: unfolds _____ Ellen


    • hmmm…i’m not sure i follow, ellen (fridays make me slow ;) the last lines in the video is “For he is forever my haiku, my 5-7-5. And I, the paper that enfolds him.” i originally wrote this as a love poem — you know, “that” kind of love poem that involves a girl and a boy. last night, i decided to do a video putting together christina’s audio file, soundtrack and a photo. interestingly, i TEMPORARILY used the photo of a boy playing a guitar, the same pic i originally used in my previous post “life is not a demo tape – playlist # 3.” but before i replaced the boy’s photo in this video project, i played the entire video just to see how the voice and music tracks laid out. imagine my surprise when i saw my old boy-girl poem transform into a mother-son piece just because i used that pic (not to mention, a female voice over point-of-view). just like that, it was no longer “that” usual romantic love poem we see in wordpress everyday.


      • Oh Yes. I did see how the mother son love worked so well in your adaptation.
        I was just asking about how you feel years after a real romantic love. It is still the same bond and yet the expectation of a future has changed. It is still “love” but not that kind anymore. It is sad sometimes to think of how our feelings change but very important to understanding what we look for.


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