pretzellogic’s Friday Five (2)

OKAY, NOW I don’t see the need to post a Friday Five music video entry every Friday.  Otherwise, My Pretzel Logic will start looking like a music video blog, especially in times when I decide to take a short blogging hiatus (like what I had this week). Maybe every other Friday or every first Friday…

pretzellogic’s Friday Five (1)

Thought I’d post 5 of my favorite songs every Friday. Each week will feature a different genre. I need to thank Kori of Life, Love & Lyricality for introducing me to such a wonderful weekly music list concept. This week is a mixed bag of alternative rock, acoustic indie and pop. – pretzellogic

Two Songs

I HAVE A thing for women who sing very well, especially in live performances. Charlotte O’Connor is one of them. Shine On has the melodic signatures of Adele, Nelly Furtado and Sarah McLachlan (she shares the same writers with the first two), but Charlotte, I believe, raises the bar by deftly and stylishly getting through…


Like road trips on open roads
Windows down sun setting and fresh new clothes
Shoes off so you can stop reflect on all these paths unfolding
With these staffs that are pulling in this world so controlling
It’s not always best to take the interstate
Sometimes the most is on the windy coast way
‘Cause wide is the path pulling astray
Narrow is the truth in these days
But all the while I hear a still small voice say
You climbed the cliffs rocked the desert on your very own
Swam the seas, sang the songs with the sweetest tones
The beaches you’ve combed, moons you’ve roamed the love you’ve shown
But all the while a voice calls you home

(sorry, can’t help it)