What It Means

Since we’re into videos as of late, I’m posting this slightly-tweaked, short video, which disappeared when i deleted my old Google account recently.

Those expecting the “inevitable” appearance of Zooey Deschanel will be sorely disappointed. I wrote this short poem (?) some time back as a tribute to old Johnny, habitue of this cafe I won’t name, who seems to have a perpetual smile pasted on his time-worn, yet charming face. The piece later became part of The Caffeine Chronicles.

Very special thanks to my friend, Annie, who graciously agreed to appear herein with Joseph Gordon-Levitt (acceptance pending).

14 thoughts on “What It Means

  1. Reblogged this on My Pretzel Logic and commented:

    I was just informed that this little video of mine plays in a loop inside Love Cafe, a quaint and unassuming coffee shop on top of a hill in Lisbon, Portugal. I am greatly honored. The video was meant to perk myself up, really, but if it has made anybody, even just a solitary soul in some far-flung corner of the world, smile, then I’d be forever grateful. I’m re-sharing this with the hope that it helps make your day.

    I’ve always thought that the phrase “Let’s have coffee sometime,” is an invitation to dance. “What it Means” may have danced over and over again in my head, and worn itself out way past its usefulness, but this love for coffee and life and love never ends.

    (again and again and again)


  2. so well written… so well video’d…. so well music’d…. thank god u shared it here, i donno otherwise how long would it have taken me to bump into this one… may i PLEeeeeASE REBLOG???


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