Like a breath of fresh air and the wind at my back
Toe to heel with strong strides taking miles off the map
In this journey called life where I’ve walked so far
Under the heat of your sun and the shine of your stars
Step by step I’ve crept, I’ve crawled, and I’ve run
Felt the palm of your hand and the barrel of death’s gun
I ran for my life stood strong through strife
From a miscarried life to waiting for my wife like
I heard it sung a thousand strong all night long
Heard heaven’s bell going something long, it’s like
I’ve been there in total despair
Now I’ve tasted and I’ve touched
A breath of fresh air …

— Mat Kearney

(sorry, can’t help it; crank up the volume)

16 thoughts on “Kearney

  1. Oh I like this. Not typically the kind of tune I would listen to, but it actually soothed me. Haha nice! I’ll have to keep up with your musical selections! Thanks for the recommendation!


    • thank you for your kind comment brother. apologies for the mix-up. it is actually a song written and performed by Mat Kearney (link before the lyrics). did not write his name anymore because i thought the link on top is enough (or is the link visible?).

      the basic instrumentation is acoustic guitar. i love the melody, lyrics and the speed is just right. though part of the song is rapped, hope it’s still to your liking.


  2. Your poem evokes such depth of feeling. Perhaps it is the way of the written word that one reads it through the eyes of their own story….you took me on a journey and at the end, I could breathe the fresh air…for the first time. Thank you my eloquent friend…this is stunning! Hugs ~ :)


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